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Consumer Companies, Big Data & Tech Companies

We have investors for other sectors: for operating companies in Europe, South America, Middle East, and Asia as follows:

  • Consumer-oriented companies

    • Consumer products.  Companies with well-known established brands and which are synonymous with culture and experience (e.g., “Swiss Army”)

    • Consumer retail.   Retail establishments, chains and boutiques

    • Consumer services.  Companies in insurance, financial services

    • Consumer manufacturing.  Producers of consumer durable goods, electronics, or personal care products.

  • Big data / analytics.   Software companies or service providers in deep analytics:  physics, oil and gas, biology, pharma, engineering, weather analysis, financial research.

  • Tech companies

    • Agri-tech.  Companies with patents and in product development, including GMO

    • Financial-tech.  Software companies or financial service companies active in information technology

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